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Things/Activities to do in Rushaga Uganda Gorilla Sector

Are you planning to book a safari to Rushaga Uganda? Then you need to know some of the things to do in Rushaga Uganda. Its always important to know the activities to do before confirming your trip to any destination in Uganda or Africa as a whole. Located in the south of Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, Rushaga is one the most visited places in Uganda because of its rich African nature experience and beauty. Below are some of the things to do on a safari to Rushaga Uganda;

Things to do in Rushaga

Gorilla Trekking in Rushaga Uganda

Mountain gorilla trekking is the leading tour activity to do in Rushaga Uganda. With 8 gorilla families habituated in this sector, its a perfect destination for going gorilla searching. Rushaga is a home to over 100 mountain gorillas  and these are easily seen on a trek. Currently, this sector receives the highest number of visitor in Bwindi forest and this is because they come specifically to see the gorillas in Rushaga Uganda. If you are planning to book a tour to Uganda then we advise you to add gorilla trekking in Rushaga on your itinerary. We arrange gorilla trekking safaris to Rushaga including short trips and long gorilla tracking adventure. All you need to do is contact us and we shall arrange a perfect trip for you.

Note: Before going gorilla trekking in Rushaga, one is required to have a gorilla permit and this costs $700 per person.

Gorilla Habituation in Rushaga Uganda

Gorilla habituation is another exciting activity to do in Rushaga Uganda. Gorilla habituation simply means spending more time with gorillas in their natural habitats (1-4 hours). Unlike gorilla trekking where a maximum of 1 hour is allowed to spend with a gorilla family, gorilla habituation allows to enjoy more time with the great apes. Rushaga is the only place in Uganda where gorilla habituation takes place and this makes at an exciting place to visit on a primate tour adventure.

Note: Before going gorilla habituation in Rushaga Uganda, one is require to have a gorilla permit ad this costs $1500 per person.

Other activities to do in Rushaga Uganda include; nature walk, bird watching, cultural walks to neighboring villages and more.



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