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Best Time to Visit Rushaga Uganda

Are you planning to book a safari to Rushaga Uganda? Then you need to know the best time to Visit Rushaga Uganda for mountain gorilla trekking and other tour activities. Rushaga sector is found in the southern part of Bwindi impenetrable forest and it experiences tropical climates. It’s therefore important for tourists to know the climate of this sector and the seasons before booking their gorilla tracking tours.

Best Time to Visit Rushaga

The best time to visit the Rushaga Uganda gorilla trekking sector is during the dry season. Uganda has got two dry seasons and this is June to September and December to February. It’s during the dry season that it’s best to visit Rushaga Uganda. This is because the roads to Rushaga Sector are easy to use during the dry season unlike in the wet season when they are slippery and muddy. Also during the dry season, the mountain gorillas are easy to trek as they come out of hiding to enjoy a sunbath.

Note: Gorilla trekking in the Rushaga Uganda sector is always a success throughout the year.



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