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Rushaga Sector – Gorilla Trekking Destination in Bwindi Forest

Rushaga sector is located in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable forest national and it is known for having the highest number of gorillas. With 8 habituated gorilla groups, Rushaga is undoubtedly a haven for trekking gorillas in Uganda. With less than 900 mountain gorillas left in the world, Rushaga Uganda is believed to have 30% of this total population. Currently, Uganda receives the highest number of gorilla trackers and this is attributed to the growing numbers of these rare apes in the tropical rain forest of Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks.

Rushaga Sector

Things/Activities to do in Rushaga Sector

Mountain Gorilla Trekking: Gorilla trekking in Rushaga Sector is the leading tour activity do do in this area. Although there are other sectors in Bwindi, Rushaga sector stands out as the best destination to see the primates because it has the higher number of gorillas well habituated for tracking. We arrange both short and long gorilla trekking safaris to Rushaga at an affordable fee on budget, mid range and luxury plan. Before trekking the gorillas, you need to obtain a gorilla trekking permit and this costs $700 per person.

Gorilla Habituation experience: Gorilla habituation means spending more time with a gorilla family in Bwindi (more than one hour). Its only in Rushaga sector where gorilla habituation takes place in Africa and in the world as a whole. We do arrange gorilla habituation safaris to Rushanga, Bwindi like a 3 days gorilla habituation tour to Rushaga Bwindi. To spend more time with gorillas of Rushaga one needs a gorilla habituation permit and this costs $1500 per person for foreign non residents and $1000 per person for foreign residents.

Nature walks & Hiking in Rushaga: You can also enjoy nature walks in Rushaga sector. Enjoy walking through the tropical rain forests of Bwindi and enjoy nature views exploring the beauty of Africa.

When is the best time to Visit Rushaga Uganda gorilla sector

The best time to visit Rushaga Sector in Uganda is during the dry season and this is the months of June to September and December to February. This is because during the dry season the roads to Rushaga are in good conditions making it easy to access the place unlike in the rainy season when the roads are muddy and slippery. Also during the dry season the mountain gorillas are easy to see as they come out to enjoy the sunshine making the trekking process a success.

How to get to Rusha Sector in Uganda

Rushaga can be accessed by either road transport or by air transport. By road you start from Kampala through Masaka, Mbarara, Kabale then to the south of Bwindi, Rushaga. This journey takes 8-9 hours . Also by road you can get to Rushaga from Rwanda at Kigali international airport with a 3-4hours drive through Cyanika boarder to Rushaga.

Also you can get to Rushaga Uganda gorilla sector by air. Board an aeroplane from Entebbe international airport to Kisoro airstrip. From there you can then use a car to drive you to Rushaga.



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